What to look for in good full service movers (USA)

One of the biggest benefits you get when you hire full service movers in USA is that they will take a huge load off your head thus significantly reducing the amount of stress and tension you have to face as a result of a move.

They will take care of all the logistics of moving including labor and transportation. They will pack, load, transport, unload and unpack. This frees you up to do other things like transferring your utilities and enrolling your kids in a new school. But be careful as choosing the wrong moving company can be one of the biggest mistakes you ever make in life.

The number of full service movers available in USA today makes this choice even more difficult. How do you find the best mover? How are you sure you aren’t falling into their trap? How do you know it isn’t a scam? Here are a few things to watch out for:-

1. Just because a mover is offering you a lower price than anyone else in the market doesn’t mean he/she is the best there is. It just means that they are willing to do the same work at a lower cost. Is it true? Would you be willing to do something for someone at a lower price than anyone else? You most likely won’t. So why would you think someone else will? Your best bet is to make a list of moving companies along with their estimates and choose one from somewhere in the middle. Never go for the cheapest one.

2. If you see that a moving company doesn’t even have their own truck, they shouldn’t be trusted. I mean when you open a moving company, the first thing you do is buy a truck. So, if you find unmarked trucks showing up for the move along with employees that aren’t in uniform, you will be a lot better off canceling the move and hiring someone else.

3. When it comes to estimates, there are two types of calculations. The first one is on the basis of weight where you will have to go with the moving company’s truck to a weighing station where all your goods will be weighed. The more complex option is that of cubic feet. Ensure you get copies of the measurement documents and check them out yourself. Remember that cubic feet estimates are fixed while weight estimates will change depending on what the actual weight is once all your things are loaded.

4. Lastly, some full service moving companies may ask you for an upfront deposit before your move. This is more common during the summer when there are a lot of people who are moving. This isn’t a rule though. If the mover you choose asks for an initial deposit, ensure you find out everything about them before handing them your money. Only give them a deposit if you find that they are a well established company and the value of the deposit should never be more than 5 or 10 % of your estimate. If they are asking for more, they’re most likely planning to rip your off.